The Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote learning, exchange of information and discussion in our community on topics related to the Java programming language and platform. AJUG holds monthly meetings and welcomes all who wish to attend and participate. AJUG also organizes an annual software developer conference, Devnexus, which is the largest Java conference in the USA


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Upcoming Events

    16 September 2023 11:00
    WORKSHOP - Java 11 to 17 to 21

Past Events

    21 March 2023 19:00
    Architecture Foundations: Styles, Patterns, and Tradeoffs
    21 February 2023 19:00
    HotSpot vs OpenJ9: which one to choose to cut cloud bills
    17 January 2023 19:00
    Bootiful Spring Boot 3
    20 December 2022 19:00
    Exception Handling in Functional and Reactive Programming
    15 November 2022 19:00
    How Java Apps Litter Beyond the Heap (And What We Can Do About That)
    25 October 2022 19:00
    Demystifying Opensource Development
    20 September 2022 19:00
    Lights, Camera, Action: GitHub Actions CI/CD for Java projects
    16 August 2022 19:00
    Performance Testing Java Applications
    19 July 2022 18:45
    The Three Laws of Test-Driven Development are Useful but Incomplete
    21 June 2022 19:00
    Developer Productivity Engineering – The Next Big Thing in Software Development
    17 May 2022 18:45
    Concurrency without Migraines: Distributed Compute in Hazelcast
    12 April 2022 19:00
    Devnexus Conference
    15 February 2022 19:00
    VIRTUAL - Reading, Writing and Refactoring
    18 January 2022 19:00
    Prod-Like Integration Testing for Distributed Containerized Applications
    21 December 2021 18:45
    In person and live streaming - AMA with the Wizard Dr. Venkat Subramaniam
    17 August 2021 19:00
    Help Your Boss Help You
    20 July 2021 19:00
    Automated Mass Refactoring for Java-Based Applications
    15 June 2021 19:00
    Algebraic in Java: Pattern Matching
    18 May 2021 19:00
    Community Lightning Talks
    20 April 2021 19:00
    Kubernetes and the Data Gateway Pattern
    16 March 2021 19:00
    Self Healing Batch Job!
    17 February 2021 10:00
    Devnexus Online
    19 January 2021 19:00
    Architectural Kata Review

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