The Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote learning, exchange of information and discussion in our community on topics related to the Java programming language and platform. AJUG holds monthly meetings and welcomes all who wish to attend and participate. AJUG also organizes an annual software developer conference, Devnexus, which is the largest Java conference in the USA


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2020 Events

    21 January 2020 18:45
    Reactive Spring
    16 June 2020 18:45
    17 March 2020 18:45
    Online meeting - Want to Succeed with TDD? Stop Writing Tests
    21 April 2020 18:45
    Online meeting - State of Java: The Past, Present, & Future of Java Development
    19 May 2020 18:45
    Online Meeting - DevOps for developers (or maybe against them?!)
    20 May 2020 12:00
    Virtual event - Oracle says Happy 25th Birthday, Java!
    23 May 2020 02:00
    Virtual Event - 25 Hours of Java
    16 June 2020 18:45
    Virtual Event - Reactive Relational Database Connectivity with R2DBC
    21 July 2020 18:45
    Virtual Event - Panel Discussion - Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
    18 August 2020 18:45
    Virtual Event - Getting started with Open Source
    15 September 2020 18:45
    Virtual event - Revisiting Effective Java
    20 October 2020 18:45
    Virtual Event - Java 15 Update
    17 November 2020 18:45
    Virtual Event - Java at "Speed", Building a Better JVM
    2 December 2020 10:00
    Virtual Event - Half-day Workshop - Microservices Hands-on with MicroProfile
    15 December 2020 18:45
    Virtual Event - “This Ain’t Your Parents’ Java”

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